God's Power, Jesus' Faith, and World Mission: A Study in Romans

Book, 1996, 360 pp
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Paul faces an uncertain future as he writes his letter to the Romans. He is about to sail to Jerusalem on a risky errand of love for poor Christians of Jewish background. In case his own ministry comes to a stop, he prepares Roman believers to carry on his world mission.

Paul emphasizes God's kingly power at work in Jesus' faith. God's new kingdom proclaimed by Christ can free people from the world's idolatry of national heroes and ideologies. Paul's mission would bring together people of diverse cultures and practices under one Lord.

Paul's message still challenges an evil world and an unfaithful church. Western Christians must return to the lowly, persecuted mission of Jesus--an outreach carried on by humble believers in many parts of the globe. For in God's new order, the first will be last and the last will be first.

"Extraordinary! Mosher gives functional as opposed to merely formal acknowledgment to the significance of this book's missionary author, subject matter, and original readers. Contemporary, practical, insightful, and challenging. Deserves the attention of missionaries, pastors, Bible students, and academics." --Adapted from the Foreword by Jonathan J. Bonk, Professor of Global Christian Studies, Providence College and Seminary, Otterburne, Manitoba

"Missionaries, pastors, scholars, and Christians concerned with the gospel's worldwide progress will benefit from this book." --Christian Bookseller

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