On Frequent Journeys: Worship Resources on Uprooted Peoples

Book, 1997, 120 pp
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Today we are witnessing huge movements of people around the world. Whether these migrations are due to revolution, war, racism, or economic difficulties, uprooted people and the strangers who become involved with their lives often find themselves in need of spiritual comfort and a way to share their common humanity.

In conjunction with the World Council of Churches' Ecumenical Year of Churches in Solidarity with Uprooted People and the United Church of Canada's mission theme on uprooted peoples, On Frequent Journeys is a collection of worship resources from around the world. It includes prayers, litanies, reflections, and worship outlines, interspersed with stories of uprooted people.

Contents include:

Prayers and Litanies

  • Affirmation of Faith
  • At Prayer with Children on the Street
  • The Prayers of the People
  • Prayer of Commitment
  • Revelation 3:20 responsive reading
  • Prayer of Silent Confession responsive reading
  • The Servant of the Refugee
  • A prayer with Movement
  • Behind the Mist the Sun Waits
  • Prayer for Change
  • Intercession, a responsive prayer
  • Praying for a Disarmed Heart
  • A prayer from Mozambique
  • A creed
  • Responsive Litany protecting human life and dignity
  • Prayer of thanksgiving and confession
  • Responsive Prayer of Intercession for Women and Children
  • Irish Blessing
  • A responsive closing prayer

Worship Services and Liturgies

  • Working for Peace and Justice: a worship service
  • I Want to go Home: a worship service
  • Liturgy on Hope
  • Liturgy on the Theme of Uprooted People
  • Sharing the Pain of the Uprooted: a service
  • Uprooted People: a worship outline
  • Migrant Workers, Refugees, internally displaced people: a worship service
  • Recognizing strength of Women and Children: a worship service

Reflections and Poems

  • A Celtic Rune of Hospitality
  • What is a Refugee?
  • A City to Dwell in: a reading
  • Outport People; a poem
  • You have come from afar, a liturgy
  • The Way Home. a poem
  • The Story of Ruth, a reading
  • A Psalm for the Displaced
  • A Christmas Message, a reading
  • Our Land is the Ixcan, a reading
  • Declaration of the Penan People, a reading
  • The Heart of God, a reading
  • Isaiah's Song of Hope, a poem
  • Who are they? a reading
  • Lord, no one is a stranger to you, a prayer
  • Psalm 137
  • Strangers Before God, a reading
  • The Kite as our Hope, a reading
  • Receiving the Stranger, a reading
  • Stranger at the Door, a poem
  • Refugees and Strangers: a Drama
  • Call No one Stranger

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