Communion Shapes Character

Book, 1997, 304 pp
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Is your church boring, funeral, tradition-bound? Do you long to see vital communion at the heart of worship? Do you wonder when all Christians can freely gather together at the Lord's table? Does communion seem unconnected to daily life?

With liveliness and depth Kreider addresses these and many other issues. She encourages churches to rediscover the biblical and theological themes which shaped early Christian Lord's Supper practices. And she draws on Christian traditions which have found vital communion practices to show that history can help us today.

How a church observes communion shapes its character. Kreider considers the influence of seating, movement, symbols, leadership style, language, music, prayers, and more.

Renewed communion shapes Christians who allow Jesus to command their lives, realize their unity with other Christians, and find passion to invite to the table all who hunger.

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