Armageddon and the Peaceable Kingdom

1999, 288 pp
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Some preachers claim that the End is near. They exhaust us with predictions of blood and fire, the sun darkened and the moon turned to blood. Throughout Christian history, all predictions of dates and times have proved false. Why would our modern end-time specialists fare any better?

Walter Klaassen helps Christians to enjoy God's kingdom now and hope for its fulfillment. That hope has nothing to do with literal wars, physical weapons, and rivers of blood. Instead, God is bringing in a peaceable kingdom, ruled by the suffering Lamb, as foreseen by Isaiah and fulfilled in Jesus Christ. This Lamb wins the battle by proclaiming the Word of God.

This book addresses those who are sure they know when the End is coming, those who are confused and want biblical answers, and those who are no longer concerned about spiritual and heavenly realities.

"Klaassen offers an alternative vision of the Kingdom of God, based on a balanced interpretation of the New Testament. Instead of putting undue emphasis on the book of Revelation, he gives full weight to the teaching of the Gospels and the epistles, stressing both the spiritual and the ethical dimensions of that teaching." -Arthur W. Wainwright, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

"In this book you will experience a study of key prophetic Scriptures that interfaces critically with major authors and preachers forecasting the end-times. This is not another ivy-tower document; it flows from Klaassen's deep concerns. I hope you will read, argue, and dialogue with the author as you move through the text." --Donald E. Wagner, Director, Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding

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