#09 - Peter Riedemann's Hutterite Confession of Faith

1999, 264 pp

This volume includes John J. Friesen’s translation of the 1565 German edition of Confession of Our Religion, Teaching, and Faith, by the Brothers Who Are Known as the Hutterites, along with a new history of Riedemann. While in prison during 1540–42, Peter Riedemann wrote for the Lutheran ruler Philip of Hesse, explaining the Hutterite goal of a renewed community and dispelling popular misconceptions. Riedemann wove together a fresh reading of the Bible and the classical creeds, producing a powerful synthesis of scripture and tradition. His dynamic vision of communal discipleship, embraced by the Hutterites, still challenges believers toward greater faithfulness.

Also available in Korean.

“This volume is a comprehensive guide to daily life in the Hutterite community and is the basic charter for Hutterites even today.”—John A. Hostetler, Author, Hutterite Society

"We are pleased that this account of our historical beliefs and practices is available in contemporary English. Both young and old may now read and understand this spiritual message that Riedemann wrote in his dark cell so many years ago." --Paul S. Gross, Hutterite Historian, Spokane Colony, Reardon, Washington

GenreAcademic Theory/Thesis
PublisherHerald Press

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