Holy Hogwash: What the Bible Never Said

Book, 41 pp
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We've all grown up with images and ideas and phrases that we thought were straight out of the Bible, but are not. "Cleanliness is next to godliness." It's not in the Bible. "Satan told Eve to eat the apple." It's not in the Bible. "Three wise men were at the stable where Jesus was born." It's not in the Bible. This unit will help youth look closely at several assumptions and cultural myths about what's in the Bible, and compare and contrast them with what the Bible does and doesn't say. Is being angry a sin? Does God help those who help themselves? Do angels have wings and halos and hover over us? Is money the root of all evil? And, finally, what does the Bible really say about a "plan" of salvation to follow? Warning: Once you start looking, you'll want to keep checking out your assumptions in light of Scripture.

(6 sessions)
GenreGroup Study/Workshop
AudienceLeaders, Youth

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