Keeper of Hearts

Book, 2002, 304 pp
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It is 1545, a dangerous time for Anabaptists. When Anna van Visser's papa is arrested for helping the preacher Menno Simons, she stows away in a wagon, determined to rescue him. The plan fails, and she returns home despising the heretics who caused her papa's death.

One by one, Anna's family and friends betray her by receiving the believer's baptism and following Menno. When she encounters Martinus Luther, another reformer, and his beliefs, she is caught in a storm of rebellion.

Anna faces the choice of faith, and of love. Will she choose the security of marriage to a dark and handsome Wittenberg printer, or risk her love on Peter, the young Anabaptist?

Who will be the keeper of Anna's heart?

"Keeper of Hearts weaves an intriguing tale of romance and religious politics during a most difficult era. Inspired by her fascination with this time period and the events of the day, Christner has created a story that is sure to please." --Tracie Peterson, best-selling author

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