Minister's Manual

Book, 1988, 246 pp
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"In preparing this Minister's Manual, we have placed our work within the larger flow of the Spirit's ministry. The words before you stand at the outset of a worship leader's task. All of them may be adapted and transcended. Their preparation will have been worthwhile if they can be the starting point for a congregation's praise."

"Those who prepared this book have steeped themselves in Mennonite ways of worship and studied past Minister's Manuals for treasured and usable worship resources. Our goal was to provide words and actions that bring all of our life as individuals, churches, and the world before God." -- from the Introduction.

A compilation of liturgical resources for ministers to use in: baptisms, communion services, marriages, commissioning of leaders, funerals, child dedications, healing services, and other events in the life of the church. Integrated with the materials are essays on the background and theology of such events, from an Anabaptist perspective.

Also available in Spanish and on a CD-ROM (Word Document).

  • Introduction
  • Worship and Ritual
  • Worship Beyond Words
    • The Church at Prayer
  • Prayer Services and Resources
  • The Church Year and Lectionary
  • Baptism and Church Membership
    • The Rite of Baptism
    • Other Baptismal Questions
    • Other Baptismal Forms
    • Other Prayers of Blessing Concluding Baptism
    • Other Words of Reception
    • Membership Transfer
    • Covenant Renewal
  • The Lord’s Supper
    • Form 1
    • Communion Under Special Circumstances
    • Form 2
    • Act of Preparation at a Previous Service
    • Other Words of Invitation
    • Other Communion Prayers
    • Other Prayers of Thanks
    • Other Post-Communion Prayers
  • Blessing
    • Weddings
    • The Wedding Service
    • The Consecration of Parents and Infants
    • Other Services of Blessing
  • The Calling and Setting Apart of Leaders
    • Ordination Form 1
    • Ordination Form 2
    • Installation of a Minister
    • Licensing of a Minister toward Ordination
    • Licensing/Commissioning for Specific Ministry
    • Commissioning of Deacons and Elders
  • Lament and Healing
    • Ministry at the Time of Death
    • The Funeral
    • Memorial Service for an Individual
    • Memorial Service for a Public Tragedy
    • Death of an Infant or Child
    • A Sudden or Violent Death
    • Confession at the Time of Death
    • Memorial Prayers
    • Anointing with Oil
    • Anointing After Divorce
  • Congregational Discernment
    • Congregational Meeting
    • Binding and Loosing
  • Endnotes
  • Confession of Faith Summary Statement

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