Discernment: Fall 2004

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Theme: Discernment.

Contents Include:
  • "Ways to Listen" by Rich Preheim
  • "Leader Profile: With God in the tough Choices" by Patty Peebles
  • "Let us confer together" by Tom Yoder Neufeld
  • "Should we pave the parking lot?" by Robert J Suderman
  • "A wise and discerning Heart" by Marlene Kropf
  • "Beyond slammed doors" by Rich Preheim
  • "Peace envoy to Iraq" by Marilyn Stahl and Dirk Giseburt
  • " Friends, Career Shifts, and the Voice of God" by Ron Ringenberg
  • "Pastoring God's People: Preaching in a Storm" by Sven Eriksson
  • "Guiding Worship: Worship in seasons of discernment" by Mary Lehman Yoder
  • "Forming Faith: God's gift of Choice" by Jill Landis
  • "Managing the Church: A safety net for your pastor" by Ervin R Stutzman
  • "Engaging the World: Reading your community" by Art McPhee
  • "Pondering the Word: Can a story end war?" by Ray Friesen
  • "Leadership Tip: Picture those ideas!" by Hilda Hildebrand
  • "Leadership Tip: Clearness Committee - tending to one's inner light" by Ron Ringenberg
  • "Leadership Tip: Don't Call them "business meetings" by Mary Lehman Yoder
  • "Leadership Tip: Read the Bible in a year" by Anne Stuckey
  • "From the Archives: Casting Lots" by John Ruth
Also includes:
  • Worship resources for Advent through Epiphany, "Come! Walk in the Light of Day" (6 services)

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