God's Project: Effective Christians: Spring 2005

Book, 2005, 81 pp
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This quarter includes three units that explore the beginning and meaning of Christian life as Paul understood it. The first two units focus on writings from Romans, while the third unit explores selections from Galatians. The overall guiding theme for the quarter in covenant.

Unit 1, "Saved be God," has four lessons. The first three look at sin, judgment, and justification. The fourth lesson, for Easter Sunday, focuses on the redemption Jesus achieved for us through resurrection. Together, these lessons explore the basic conditions that form the framework of becoming an effective Christian.

Unit 2, "The Christian Life," is a four-lesson unit of what it means to live as a Christian. Lesson one explores God's gift of the Holy Spirit as the source of Christian living. Lesson two focuses on how the Christian life begins with acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior. Lessons three and four then examine Christian life in action.

Unit 3, "Set Free," has five lessons based in Paul's understanding of freedom as found in Galatians. Lesson one deals with the freedom that is ours as Christians. Lesson two looks at the hope that is ours through belief in Jesus Christ. Lessons three and four examine the role of the Law in believers as they seek to become effective Christians. The unit ends with a lesson on how we live out our covenant with one another.

(13 sessions)

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