Jesus' Life, Teachings and Ministry: Summer 2005

Book, 2005, 81 pp
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This quarter focuses on the theme of Christ. The study uses the three synoptic Gospels as guides for exploring Jesus's life (Mark), ministry of teaching (Matthew), and ministry of compassion (Luke).

Unit 1, "Jesus's Life," has four sessions drawn from the Gospel of Mark. Session one presents Jesus's baptism and temptation as events that established his credentials and the direction of his ministry. The second session looks at miracles as a reflectionof both Jesus's power and his caring. Session three shows how Jesus's ministry resulted in criticisn so intense it eventually led to his trial and crucifixion. The fourth session proclaims God's final victory in the resurrection.

Unit 2, "Jesus's Ministry of Teaching," has five sessions drawn from the Gospel of Matthew. The first two sessions explore teachings from the Sermon on the Mount. Session three examines parables as a teaching tool that both clarifies and conceals. Session four focuses on teachings of forgivenss. The fifth session, which deals with teachings about the "last days," explores the relationship between God's future and out present-day living.

Unit 3, "Jesus's Ministry of Compassion," has four sessions drawn from the Gospel of Luke. Session one shows how Jeses defined his ministry (and his messiahship) in terms of compassion. The second session looks at two instances when Jesus healed others out of compassion. Session three challenges us to consider compassion in light of what it means to be and to recognize a neighbour. The final session explores issues of humility and hospitality, including how we view ourselves and how we respond to hospitality that others extend to us.

(13 sessions)

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