Gladly Regulate

1997, 8 pp
This year's study and prayer sessions focus on how the church is governed: that we be cynical about authority, that we are aware of being 'resident aliens,' that we have concern for victims, that we practice a boundaryless community of faith. Ratzlaff writes, "'Church' tends to limit, to draw boundaries, to forget that we are not a structure but a community of faliible people with whom God has trusted with the gospel, the good news: without boundaries, without limits, without restrictions."

The following outlines identify and concentrate on five pressure points in our time and in our Canadian society where biblical and our denominational perspectives intersect: the aboriginal community, social safety nets (health care), denominationalism, demographics, our mission. We come to these pressure points as a community of God's, people made up of those who 'gladly regulate' their lives according to the Spirit, Word and example of the Lord.

(5 sessions)

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