Is it Insensitive to Share Your Faith?: Hard Questions about Christian Mission in a Plural World

Book, 2005, 153 pp
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Is it polite - is it even imperial - for Christians to invite others to faith? Krabill writes vulnerably about how he answers. A confessing Christian, Krabill looks at Jesus and what he said and did. Then the author walks right into discussions often consdiered off-limits. Are Christians hopelessly narrow and willfully uninformed? Why do they act as though only they are right and everyone else isn't? Why would Jesus possibly be someone to follow today? And what difference would that choice make in the world anyway?

Krabill acknowledges both the audacity of God's efforts, the often miserable failings of the church, and yet his own hope.

Krabill's very readable style and honest manner make this book accessible to young adults and other critical thinkers.

TopicChristian Mission
PublisherGood Books

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