Teaching and Celebrating the Christian Seasons: A Guide for Pastors, Teachers and Worship Leaders

Book, 2002, 120 pp
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Celebrating the Christian seasons brings new meaning to our worship and removes the distance between past and present. The cycle of the seasons keeps Christ in our hearts and minds throughout the year. This spiritually enriching resource helps pastors, worship leaders and Christian educators understand and incoporate into the life of the church the symbols, colours, and practices of the church year.

For each season and special day, Delia Halverson explains its history and significance and suggests age-appropriate ways to teach and celebrate these special times, helping to deepen our understanding of Christian traditions and to enrich our Sunday experience. She offers a wealth of practical aids for following Jesus' commandment to use teaching in all ministry, not just the Sunday school classroom:

Explanations of Christian concepts both for adults and children;

Ideas for celebrating the seasons in the worship service (monologues, litanies, even worship "centres," for example);

Suggestions for a broad range of activities and teaching techniques that appeal to all learning styles;

Sentences or paragraphs for the church bulletin that explain features of the seasons;

Sumary of the colours and symbols used in the seasons;

Three special types of worship experiences - Hanging of the Greens service, Way of the Cross meditation and reflection journey, The Disciples Tell the Story monologues.

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