The Bible: A History: The Making and Impact of the Bible

Book, 2004, 256 pp
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The Bible has had a profound influence on diverse cultures of Europe and the British Isles, the Americas, Australia and Africa, and has even left an imprint on Asia. This book tells the story of this remarkable bok from its making to its emergence as the biggest-selling book in history. This beautifully illustrated book is divided into five sections:

The Old Testament Takes Shape;

The New Testament Takes Shape;

The Bible in a Rapidly Growing Church;

The Book of the Reformation;

The Bible in the Modern World.

The sections cover topics such as the oral tradition, the use of papyrus, settling the Jewish Bible, first-century letter writing, settling the New Testament, Jerome's Latin Bible, illuminating a manuscript, printing the Bible, the King James Version, modern biblical criticism, the Bible societies and the Bible in moving pictures.

Written in a lively and lucid style, the text brings the story and the key people involved in it to life. It shows how the Bible has inspired the whole range of human emotion and experience, including the finest art and literature. By use of contemporary quotations, photography, full-colour art, maps, charts and special features, this book is attractive and easy to read, full of information and insight. It is ideal for anyone wanting to learn about one of the most extraordinary books of history.

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