Martyrs Mirror: The Story of Seventeen Centuries of Christian Martyrdom, From the Time of Christ to 1660

illust. Jan Luyken
Book, 1145 pp
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Thieleman J. van Braght's record of Christian faith and endurance from the first century to the Anabaptist persecutions in the 16th century. Written in 1659 by a Dutch Mennonite to strengthen the faith of his fellow believers and translated into German in 1748 at the time of the French and Indian War for the same reason. Translated into English in 1886.

Christians paid a high price, the sacrifice of their own lives, to preserve a pure faith and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tortures, persecutions and sufferings were endured with fortitude and trust in God. Graphic stories tell of more than four thousand Christians who endured suffering, torture and death because of their simple faith in the gospel of Christ. Songs, letters, prayers and confessions appear with the descriptions of defenseless Christians who were able to love their enemies and return good for evil.

Includes more than fifty etchings by the noted Dutch artist Jan Luyken.

Also see study guide: The Martyrs' Mirror Made Plain, available separately.

Also available in Korean.
ExpressionIllustrated/Picture Book
TopicAnabaptism, Martyrdom
AudienceAdults, Youth
PublisherHerald Press

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