Telling Our Stories: Personal Accounts of Engagement with Scripture

Book, 2006, 288 pp
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How does the church struggle with its differences? How can the struggle draw us together rather than drive us apart? This book tells of a gathering that asked these questions in the form of stories reporting on each storyteller’s journey with Scripture. The book also proposes guidelines for such engagement with Scripture.

As the book shows, the model of telling personal stories of wrestling with Scripture creates a space for mutual understanding that can detour around the typical conflicts. Such storytelling goes beyond abstract arguments about the authority of the Bible or how it is understood to reach the heart of each Christian’s relationship with Scripture and its ultimate Teller.

The twenty-one stories in this book offer paths through the church’s conflicts over biblical interpretation and application. Telling their personal stories are such pastors, administrators, and teachers as (in order of appearance) Malinda Elizabeth Berry and Liz Landis, Jo-Ann Brant, Owen E. Burkholder, J. Ron Byler, Lin Garber, Roy Hange, Nancy R. Heisey, John Kampen, Richard A. Kauffman, Paul Keim, Marilyn Rayle Kern, Phil Kniss, James Krabill, Susan Mark Landis, Cynthia A. Lapp, G. Crag Maven, Keith Graber Miller, Lee Snyder, Dorothy Jean Weaver, J. Denny Weaver, and the editors.

In addition to stories, the book reports and examines hermeneutical presuppositions and theological grids. Also explored are the impact of vocational life-commitments and social contexts on understandings of Scripture.

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