On Becoming A Missional Church in Japan

2007, 27 pp
The younger church has been struggling to free itself from colonialism and superficial westernization and to realize its authentic Christian identity in the cultural context. As for the Japanese church, it belongs to the two-thirds world church, although Japan is a member of the largely western European Group of Eight (G8), an international forum of governments that represent about 65 percent of the world economy. Japan has tried to adopt modern western civilization since the Meiji Reformation in 1868, but on a deeper cultural level, Japan still retains many non-western values. The Japanese church is also struggling to seek for its Christian identity and to realize its role in the worldwide Christian community.

Based on his missionary experiences and scholarly research, Mike Sherrill has observed and analyzed the Japanese church and its settings very deeply, and tried to present an authentic model of the Christian community. With respect to contemporary missions, his attitude is truly an expression of partnership and desire for the unity of the Christian church.

Also available in Spanish

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