Church Matters Podcast: Episode 5: Militarization, Canada and the Church
Guest: Robert J. Suderman, General Secretary, Mennonite Church Canada

PART OF SERIES Church Matters Podcast
2007, 15 min

For the first time since the Korean war in the 1950s, Canada is involved in a direct combat role – this time in Afghanistan. Military advertisements, recruiting, military funding, and news reporting on Canada’s military role have significantly increased in recent years. Mennonite Church Canada has sent a letter to the Prime Minister advocating for a legal option that would allow taxpayers to direct their portion of military taxes toward peace initiatives. What else can and should a peace church be saying to Canada’s leaders about this? Is there evidence that peaceful solutions to conflict really exist? How can Mennonites engage and strengthen the ecumenical community in peace theology? Join Church Matters hosts Janet Plenert and Dan Dyck as they engage Mennonite Church Canada General Secretary Robert J. Suderman in discussion on these and other questions.

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