Between Worlds: Reflections of a Soviet-born Canadian Mennonite

Book, 2006, 358 pp
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"...Harry and my youth were very different, yet we share one great good: the time our births spared us both from direct participation in war. If Harry had been born two years earlier than he was he would undoubtedly have been forced into the German Army during the last desperate years of the war; if I had been born eight or nine years earlier, Canada would have expected me to help invade Normandy. In other words, we would have been expected, or forced, to try and kill each other. As it was, we were spared such sad, human violence; we could come to live in the same peaceful Canadian communities, and Harry could become, among innumerable other activities in a marvelous and honorable Christian life, an exacting, intellectual, much loved professor and spiritual guide..." - Rudy Wiebe, from the Foreword

"Harry Loewen's dramatic memoir evokes the ebullience, energy, and elegance of his life. A Mennonite intellectual blessed with a liberal sensibility and a common touch, Loewen eloquently conjures up a compelling series of intimate and epic events, the tumultuous sequence of blessings and horrors woven into his journey. Despite his growing up in Russian and German dictatorships, Loewen from the start approached life with an irrepressible romanticism and a love of books which brought him into the scholarly worlds he came to occupy as a Canadian academic." - Paul Tiessen, Professor of English, Wilfrid Laurier University

"A fearless thinker, Loewen writes his fascinating life story with the candor, conviction and enthusiasm that we have come to expect of him. Between Worlds vividly illustrates that a life pulled our of chaos can rise to unexpected heights of meritorious service." - Al Reimer, Professor Emeritus University of Winnipeg
PublisherPandora Press

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