The Amish of Canada

Book, 2002, 244 pp
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The Amish of Canada encompasses not only the Old Order Amish, that wing of the movement typified by austere living, horse-and-buggy culture, but the whole of the Amish Mennonite settlements in Canada, including its more progressive counterparts. Unlike the Mennonites who came to Canada from the United States (in 1786) to flee from the militaristic spirit of the American revolution, the Amish came directly from Bavaria. Canada opened its doors of hospitality to a quiet, peaceful people, deeply committed to the principles of mutual aid, community self-realization, moderation, and stewardship to the soil.
"Gingerich has a broad grasp of the historical movement and an intimate knowledge of the localized settlements of the Amish people in Ontario. The Amish of Canada is the first major literary contribution on the Canadian Amish Mennonites. It will be a source of self-knowledge for the Amish and Mennonite groups and for Canadians it will make possible a better understanding of the roots of cultural pluralism."—John A. Hostetler, Temple University
PublisherPandora Press

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