Built to Last: Jesus Christ as Ground and Goal

The Christian Church is built upon a foundation that is not an idea, not a doctrine, not an ethical standard, but a person - Jesus Christ. The metaphor of Christ as the foundation of our faith has been a favourite in our church and in others. Though much has been written about it, we never fully comprehend its meaning and implications. This guide for study and prayer will deepen your experience of this wonder-ful image and will help you build on that foundation.Tom Yoder Neufeld is an excellent teacher who brings together passions for the church, for Christian faith, and for careful reading of biblical texts. As he writes below, "If Jesus, Paul, and other writers of the New Testament could be nimble in their use of metaphors, so should we as we contemplate them, meditate on them, let them seep into our imaginations, and prayerfully let them shape our lives." Tom has shown us how to be nimble in our reading of the metaphors. We pray that we will have the courage to follow his example.

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(5 sessions)

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