Re-Energize: Time for a Carbon Sabbath

2009, 42 pp

Our addiction to oil is killing people and the planet - sometimes slowly through the degradation of the air that we breathe and the ecosystems on which we depend, and sometimes quickly as a result of human rights abuses and conflict over the control and use of fossil fuels. Are there alternatives?>/p>

Yes! And we believe that it is time for us to re-examine our dependence on fossil fuels. Use these resources to discover how you can change yourself, change your community, and help change the world as together we re-energize.

Resources include an advocacy action, a call on our government to investigate the real costs --to the environment, to human rights, and to economic justice-- of society's dependence on fossil fuels; a workshop to help understand the issues behind the campaign; and some real options for you and your church or community to consider as you think your own dependence on fossil fuels.

Also find a "Carbon Sabbath" Bible study, planning notes for a "100 Mile" church picnic or harvest dinner, and an outline for a 12 hour PowerDown Day or "energy fast".

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