Paradoxes of Reconciliation: 2010 Winter Lectures

CD, 2010

Lecturer: Vern Redekop, Associate Professor of Conflict Studies at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. Topic: Paradoxes of Reconciliation

These lectures explore the paradoxical nature of reconciliation. On the one hand, reconciliation involves the simple eloquence of barriers broken down and human connection re-established. On the other hand, a structural analysis of how that happens reflects incredible complexity. The three lectures will try to come to terms with the paradoxical nature of reconciliation, each in its own way. The first seeks to elaborate a framework within which paradoxes can be identified. The second addresses the overwhelming challenge of reconciliation by taking some concrete steps that can be seen as empowering those immobilized by violence to begin to take action. The final lecture places the paradoxes of reconciliation in the context of transcendence and infinity within which a new logic is applied.

Due to technical issues the first lecture was not recorded (so there is no disc 1).

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