2016 World Fellowship Sunday: Walking with God

2015, 5 pp
Walking with God finds its total meaning in fellowship – in the breaking of bread, in serving, and in meeting the needs of others. It does not mean any absence of challenges, but recognizing we are assured of victory with and through Him.

Walking with God was the theme for Assembly Gathered in Pennsylvania in July 2015. This theme was selected to give space for different ideas on what it means to be the people of God, together as a people, on a journey together, with God at the centre. In English “walking” refers to a constant endless action. In Spanish “caminemos” is an invitation to walk together. In French “en marche” implies becoming completely involved in walking, being totally committed.

We encourage each MWC member body to choose and adapt materials that fit their context, and to translate (if necessary), copy and distribute the materials to all local churches.

Please have someone from your church record how you celebrated the day. MWC would be grateful to hear from you after World Fellowship Sunday so that we can share your experiences with others in the worldwide family of faith.

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