Sterling Mennonite Fellowship's Bible Study Guides

The main purpose of these congregational guides is to encourage groups to read and discuss Scripture together. It is meant to be life-giving, not a chore. If this becomes a chore, change it or use something different.
  • Use what you find helpful, but do not let yourself be bound to the guide. Feel free to expand what you like and to not use what is not helpful for your group. Do not force conversation, but allow it to come naturally. Some parts will speak more to some groups than to others.
  • This study has been divided into sections that should be readable in one sitting together. Again, do not be bound to the guide. If you read more or less than what is planned, that is okay. Work at your own pace.
  • There are two models of questions provided to guide your conversation. There are general questions that can be applied to any text, as well as text specific questions. Use what works best for your group, or both.
  • Remember to read Scripture in context. It is easy for us to pick and choose what we like and to miss the bigger picture. Be mindful of the difficulty of reading in context especially when we only read short sections at a time.
  • Read, listen, share, pray. Allow the Spirit to work.

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