Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday 2017 - My Cry Is Heard (French, Spanish, and German included)

2017, 16 pp
The theme was chosen because of the current situation with many refugees and immigrants coming to Europe. Many people in Europe look for ways to respond to the challenges while others are afraid. Many feel helpless and are looking for answers. How will the church respond to the different needs we hear and see around us?

When we feel lost, helpless and alone, who can we trust? The reading from Psalms speaks of God as the one who is faithful, who gives us refuge and reason to be thankful, and who hears our cry. In the stories in Genesis and Acts, we learn about communities receiving the Spirit of God in ways that were far beyond their imagination. God heard their cries, and responded in ways they did not expect. Do we experience that our cry is heard? Do we hear when others cry out?

The materials contain biblical texts, prayers, song suggestions, sermon ideas, stories and other resources. We hope that these materials, now in a new format, enable the preparations for WFS in each local congregation.

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