Every Creature Singing: Canadian Edition

illust. Matt Veith
The Canadian Edition of MCCN's creation care curriculum, Every Creature Singing, is free and downloadable.

Every Creature Singing grew out of a resolution that Mennonite Creation Care Network presented to the delegates at the 2013 Mennonite Church USA Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. The resolution called members of Mennonite churches “to commit to growing in their dedication to care for God’s creation as an essential part of the good news of Jesus Christ.” It also proposed a series of twelve questions for study and discernment. This curriculum follows the questions in the resolution and is intended to help congregations act on the resolution. As partners of MCCN, Mennonite Church Canada requested permission to adapt the curriculum for a Canadian context.

This curriculum has four components:
  • A biblical emphasis, using a method of interpretation that we are calling an ecological lens.
  • A focus on your local community using questions we call circle questions.
  • Suggested spiritual practices.
  • Suggested household practice.
It is important to understand that this curriculum is not strongly prescriptive. We don’t have a list of right answers as to what God is calling your congregation to do and be. We are leaving a lot up to you and the Holy Spirit. Each session is more like a playpen than a set of provincial educational standards. You are welcome to throw half the toys out of the playpen and chew on just the questions or actions that seem most important in your context.

(12 sessions)

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