The Anabaptist Community Bible: 3 Editions

Book, 2025, 1200 pp

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Rediscover the Bible, together.

The Bible has sustained Anabaptist faith for 500 years and continues to convict, encourage, and transform us as Anabaptists. The Anabaptist Community Bible invites you to explore Scripture deeply, and to discover how key Anabaptist themes are woven through both the stories of the Bible and your own life.

Expertly designed using the Common English Bible translation, the Anabaptist Community Bible will connect you more deeply to the biblical story, the Anabaptist story, and your own story. More than 7,200 marginal notes alongside the biblical text feature commentary from Anabaptist scholars, historical notes from the tradition, and the insights of nearly 600 Bible study groups. This pairing of the biblical text alongside notes and introductions commemorates the 500th anniversary of Anabaptism by modeling a community-based approach to reading Scripture, while also inviting on-going engagement with the text and calling readers to follow Jesus in word and deed. Experience a renewed engagement with Scripture as you encounter the text in conversation with a larger community of believers, expecting God’s Word to transform your life.

Accessible to Christians from all faith traditions who want to read Scripture through a Jesus-centered lens, the Anabaptist Community Bible is a unique study Bible – an invaluable resource for families, students, and teachers.

Table of Contents:

Alphabetical List of Books of the Bible and Abbreviations
Abbreviations and Key
Introduction to the Anabaptist Community Bible
Preface to the Common English Bible
List of Artwork
Early Anabaptist Witness Sources and Abbreviations
Anabaptist Perspectives on Biblical Interpretation
  • Reading Scripture with Jesus: What Does It Mean to Practice a Christocentric Hermeneutic?
  • Forming the Biblical Canon: How Did the Writings between a Bible’s Covers Get There?
  • Anabaptists and the Apocrypha: “Useful and Good to Read”
  • Early Anabaptist Understandings of Scripture: Distinct, Multivoiced, and Communal
  • Anabaptists, the Bible, and Antisemitism: How Christians Have Misinterpreted Scripture
  • Violence and Nonviolence in the Bible: Anabaptist Perspectives and Interpretations
  • Why We Need to Read the Bible in Its Own Context . . . and in Ours
Reading Scripture Together in the Anabaptist Tradition
365-Day Bible Reading Plan
Index of Early Anabaptist Witness Sources
Index of Early Anabaptist Witness Scriptures
Names of God
Parables of Jesus
Biblical Measures
Hebrew Calendar

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