Outdoors Together: Exploring Manitoba's Provincial Parks

Merchandise, 2024

Outdoors Together Parks Collection

Prairie Crew Adventures’ passion is to get Manitobans outdoors together and to help create climate hope. Going outdoors together is one of the best things you can do for yourself, others and the planet; you connect with nature and people (or plants and animals), you get a better understanding of the world and climate around you, it boosts your mental and physical health, and you create cherished memories together.

Have your most memorable summer yet!

Prairie Crew Adventures has curated the top 12 Manitoba Provincial Parks for you to collect. Pick up the collection and explore these beloved provincial parks. Having the collection will remind you of your amazing adventures, allowing you to enjoy and share those memories with others.

We have a beautiful province to explore, so let’s go outdoors together!

Poster: Grab the parks poster, put it on your wall and enjoy the memories from the parks that you have visited and get excited for the ones that are on your bucket list!

Prints: Collect the 12 parks, display them on your wall and be reminded of the stories they tell of your adventures. These prints are 5x5 inches and are great for your adventure wall, kids rooms, a card to send to a friend, and a memory to share with a loved one.

Stickers: Collect the 12 parks and enjoy the creativity of where to put them! Will it be on the classic water bottle? Or hard top carrier on the car or the back of your RV? Will your kids want to put them on their bike or their favorite notebook? Stickers are 3x3 inches, waterproof and dishwasher safe.

Greeting Cards: Whiteshell greeting cards (5x7) are also available.

A portion of our sales will be donated to organizations that protect our planet.

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