Several Summer Worship Series: Sargent Avenue Mennonite Church

These devotional calendars follow the themes for the summer worship services at Sargent Mennonite Church and are offered now to the wider church. The calendar can be used to prepare for the morning worship, reflect on the worship after the service or, if absent from the worship, stay in touch with the congregation.

These calendars include Scripture, activities and prayer suggestions. Use it as a family, a household or as an individual devotional piece.

(11 services)

An invitation by author Marla Langelotz:

"Who of us has not waited (at times impatiently) for the slow arrival of summer? The long days, warm sun and green earth create a certain type of energy. For me it is often a time of renewal. God has many ways of proclaiming his goodness to us. Summer is one of those ways.

The slower pace of summer invites us to enjoy more leisure time. One Bible translation writes the familiar words of Psalm 46 in this way. Have leisure, and know that I am God. Joyce Rupp writes Leisure is more than just not doing anything. It is intentionally enjoying life without having to be functional or productive. In our true leisure times we can learn to be more receptive, more open, more peaceful, and more ready to recognize the many gifts in our life. Leisure times are wonderful spaces to be still with God. How does your household find time to be with God during the summer months?

My prayer is that during the summer months we all are still enough in our leisure time to 'know God.'" -- Marla Langelotz

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