Defiant: What the Women of Exodus Teach Us about Freedom

Book, 2020, 216 pp
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There would be no Moses, no crossing of the Red Sea, no story of breaking the chains of slavery if it weren't for the women in the Exodus narrative. Women on both sides of the Nile exhibited a subversive strength resisting Pharaoh and leading an entire people to freedom. Defiant explores how the Exodus women summoned their courage, harnessed their intelligence, and gathered their resources to enact justice in many small ways and overturned an empire. Women find themselves in similar circumstances today. It is worth reflecting on the resistance literature of Exodus and what it has to offer women.

Defiant is about the deep work women do to create conditions for liberation in their church, community, and country. The women of Exodus defied Pharaoh, raised Moses, and plundered Egypt. We are invited to consider what the midwives, mothers of Moses, Miriam, Zipporah and her sisters demonstrate under the oppressive regime of Pharaoh and what it might unlock for us as we imagine our mandate under modern systems of injustice.

Kelley Nikondeha presents a fresh paradigm for women, highlighting a biblical mandate to join the liberation work in our world. Women's work involves more than tending to our own family and home. According to Exodus, it moves us beyond the domestic territory and into relationship with women across the river, confronting injustice and working to liberate our neighbourhoods so all mothers and children are free. Nikondeha calls women to continue to be active agents in heralding liberation as we organize and march together for one another's freedom.

Includes study questions.

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“Grounded in liberation theology, Nikondeha delivers an empowering message of hope, utilizing the twelve women of Exodus and her lived experience in Burundi. Pushing past the patriarchal reading of Scripture, Nikondeha shatters female stereotypes by offering her readers a solid perspective on the labor of women and the role they played as matriarchs in their communities.” — Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros, poet, writer, speaker

“Kelley Nikondeha fiercely embodies the work of loving solidarity, and this book is proof of that reality. So many of the women mentioned in this book have been forgotten, our own eyes tainted by patriarchy. Kelley invites us to look deeper, and her words give me renewed hope in what has been covered up again and again by empire—the enduring power of defiant, feminine resistance. Buy this book, and be renewed by the power of story and the fire of fierce love.” — Kaitlin Curtice, author of Glory Happening

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