The End of Religion: A Study Companion

Book, 2021, 80 pp
CommonWord is shocked and saddened by Bruxy Cavey's ministerial sexual misconduct. We unreservedly condemn his actions, and stand in solidarity with all victims of sexual violence.

We have determined to remove Cavey's books from our shelves (and any links to related online content). We do so to signal our condemnation of his actions; to acknowledge the raw wounds that his choices open in the lives of victims of sexual violence; and our need for patient, ongoing reflection in life situations imbued with dissonant complexity. We view this choice as a necessary, provisional time of lament as we acknowledge this brokenness.

The Study Guide for related book The End of Religion, available separately.

Sick of religion? So was Jesus.

Around the world a movement is growing. People are waking up to the spiritual beauty of the teachings of Jesus while rejecting the many ugly aspects of the religion that bears his name. If you are among those who are disappointed with religion yet are still strangely pulled toward spirituality, author Bruxy Cavey will help you make sense of it all.

Join Cavey in an exploration of how twenty-first-century people can live into the subversive spirituality of a first-century radical and discover what the Bible claims is the world God originally intended and still desires: a world without religion.

The End of Religion: A Study Companion will help you and your group unpack Cavey’s teachings in The End of Religion to help you understand, discuss, and live into the subversive spirituality of Jesus.

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