Conrad Grebel, Son of Zurich

1975, 160 pp
This book brings to life an outstanding figure in the early Anabaptist movement. Although this biography is cast in the form of a story, the author has limited himself to facts documented.

Conrad Grebel was born into a leading family of Zurich, Switzerland. He enjoyed reading Greek poetry in an elite circle which included Zwingli, and he later joined Zwingli's Bible discussion group. Conrad admired his break with centuries-long church traditions and his attempts to recapture the essence of Christianity.

Conrad and those who shared his understanding of the Scriptures were ultimately forbidden to assemble. At this point the closely-knit group boldly established a believer's church, emphasizing a voluntary adult commitment to Christ. They risked persecution and violent death for a principle now generally accepted by most Christian groups - the separation of church and state.

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