Quest for Respect: The Church and Indigenous Spirituality

Book, 2017, 184 pp
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Attentive to the concerns of Indigenous peoples from across these lands, Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission has specifically summoned all churches and faith groups

. . . in collaboration with Indigenous spiritual leaders, Survivors, schools of theology, seminaries, and other religious training centres, to develop and teach curriculum for all student clergy, and all clergy and staff who work in Aboriginal communities, on the need to respect Indigenous spirituality in its own right . . . (Call to Action #60).

In Quest for Respect, over 40 authors from diverse backgrounds – Indigenous and Settler, Christian and Traditional – take up this call to respect Indigenous spirituality, exploring what it might mean to Christians across North America and what it entails for relationships with host peoples and host lands.

With a firm hold on past and present colonialism, the contributors tackle key questions that the TRC’s call raises: What is Indigenous spirituality, and why is it critical for Settler Christians to learn about it? What is the history of Indigenous–Christian encounter? How does spiritual abuse and violence continue today? How might we repair the damage done? And what does genuine respect really look like?

Includes a study guide by Tim Runtz.

Contributors include:

Rarihokwats, Daniel R. Wildcat, Chantal Fiola, Blair Stonechild, Lyla June Johnston, Steven Charleston, Elaine A. Robinson, Darren H. Courchene, Carmen Lansdowne, Adam Barker, Emma Battell Lowman, Vivian Ketchum, J. R. Miller, Peter Morin, Jennifer Graber, Patricia Vickers, Miriam Saainawap, Jonathan Dyck, Josie Winterfeld, Joseph R. Wiebe, Gord Hill, James Cox, Mark Macdonald, Jenna Licious, Michael Redhead Champagne, Christina Conroy, Terry LeBlanc, Derek Suderman, Jodi Spargur, Cheryl Bear, Deanna Zantingh, Willie James Jennings, Gordon Zerbe, James W. Perkinson, Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan, Peter C. Phan, Tinu Ruparell, Angelina McLeod, Jobb Arnold, Jeremy Bergen, Dave Courchene Jr., Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo, Tom Reynolds, Joy De Vito, Cheryl Pauls, Terry Schellenberg, Andrew Dyck, Wendy Kroeker, Laurel Dykstra, Suzanne Owen, Lyla June Johnston, Tim Runtz, Moses Falco, Dan Dyck, James Mishibinijima, Daniel Joder, Christi Belcourt, Edgar Heap of Birds, Rick Pelletier, Gregg Deal, Arlea Ashcroft, Judy Gascho Jutzi, Barry Ace, Jeff Friesen, Steve Heinrichs.

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