Plastic Jesus: Real Faith in a Synthetic World

2024, 26 pp
Everywhere we look in our culture you will find plastic. It surrounds our food, it makes up our technology and it is a standard element in our household items. Unfortunately, it is also overflowing from our landfills, floating in our waters and polluting our soil. More and more, you can even find it in our own bodies and those of other living creatures. There have even been traces of plastic found in breast milk. Despite the fact that we have learned the harms of plastics, we are steadily increasing our production of the material and integrating it into more and more items. Plastic is everywhere!

One place where you will not find plastic, however, is in the Bible. This resource is designed to help congregations think more deeply about the ways that plastics impact our lives and God’s creation. It is also intended to equip people of faith to take actions to address this epidemic in faithful and practical ways.

In the pages that follow, you will find stories of individuals and communities making a positive impact, sermon starters to spark meaningful discussions in your church, worship resources to unite in prayer and reflection, and actionable steps to address the plastic crisis in your life, community and our world.

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