Community-led advocacy: Spring 2014

2014, 16 pp
This issue seeks to present a richer understanding of advocacy. We should not think of advocacy simply in terms of political engagement in the global north, but also in terms of: communities in the global south mobilizing to engage local, regional and national government officials in their contexts; solidarity among communities and organizations from the global south; Indigenous groups learning from each other’s postcolonial struggles; and more. This broadened understanding of advocacy, we suggest, productively challenges assumptions we often implicitly hold that northern states—especially the United States—are history’s primary actors and shifts our focus to the energy and agency within communities in the global south. MCC’s partners across the global south often urge MCC to undertake political advocacy in Canada and the United States. Yet these same partners are also typically immersed in communities that are actively mobilizing at the local level to advocate for change.

  • "Advocacy and systemic change" by Theo Sitther
  • "Reflections on North American Indigenous/Palestinian exchange" by Harley Eagle and Erica Littlewolf
  • "Advocacy and the church: working for the impossible in Colombia" by Anna Vogt
  • "Terminologies from the ground up by Larisa Zehr
  • "Building bridges of solidarity in DR Congo" by Suzanne Lind
  • "Mining and the struggle for life" by Cellia María Vásquez Garay
  • "Advocacy lessons from Latin America" by Adrienne Wiebe

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